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KCEM Program - RE-certification

 Re-Certification Information    

Guidelines and Application for Re-Certification:



Fill in the appropriate form, save it to your computer and email completed
re-certification KCEM applications to:

Natasha Cundy, KCEM

Contact Natasha with questions
about re-certification or lifetime certification.

For information about initial certification,
click here

BIENNIAL RE-CERTIFICATION: (Below are the Guidelines Effective January 1, 2024. Current Guidelines can still be viewed above).

    1. Employment Requirement: Applicant must currently be performing the functions of an emergency management professional staff position within the state of Kansas. This position may be with a public, private or non-profit organization or business – as a full or part-time employee or as an unpaid volunteer. A copy of the applicant’s current job description or a letter from the applicant’s employer describing the emergency management related functions the applicant is currently performing must accompany the application.
    2. Applicant must have completed at least twenty-four (24) hours of professional training during the twenty-four (24) months immediately preceding the anniversary date of initial certification or previous re-certification. No more than twelve (12) hours of non-EMI/FEMA/DHS training will be accepted for recertification. Professional training completed during the grace period can be submitted. Duplicate classes during this twenty-four (24) month period will be unacceptable. Any professional training submitted for credit must be Emergency Management related. Non-EMI/FEMA/DHS courses submitted for training must include a course description and justification on how the course relates to Emergency Management, if not clearly defined in course description. If necessary, the committee will use its discretion in determining the relevance of a submitted course.
    3. The applicant shall continue to conduct or be a major participant in two (2) functional, tabletop or full-scale exercises since initial certification/the previous recertification. Participation as an Observer does not qualify. Official documentation must be provided. An exercise sign-in sheet or After Action Report is considered sufficient exercise documentation, so long as the participant’s attendance and role in the exercise can be clearly determined. A real-world incident or event may be considered in lieu of one exercise provided an after-action report is provided along with documentation showing the participant’s attendance and role in the incident or event. One real-world incident can be used per recertification period.
    4. The applicant must currently be performing the functions of an emergency management professional within the state of Kansas. For non-resident Kansas applicants, documentation must accompany the application of emergency management related work performed within the state of Kansas for each year of the recertification period.

    If initial certification is required, applicant should see 

    KCEM Certification.


      Changes go into effect, January 1, 2024

      The Kansas Emergency Management Association’s Standards and Practices Committee Proposed the creation of a Lifetime Kansas Certified Emergency Manager designation, which was approved by action of the KEMA Board on November 8, 2017.

      The Lifetime KCEM designation is an honor bestowed by the KEMA Board of Directors.  This designation recognizes the candidate is retired as a full time emergency management practitioner and has been, and is qualified to uphold the standards and practices of the KCEM program.

      The candidate must complete an application letter (including the retirement date), and shall include a narrative stating the achievements in the field of emergency management.  One letter of recommendation from a current KCEM shall be submitted with the application, stating the achievements deserving of this honor. The application letter with narrative, and letter of recommendation shall be submitted to the KCEM Re-certification Chair.  

      Learn more here.  If you have questions, contact the KCEM re-certification chair listed above.

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