1. Applicant must continue to meet the requirement of A2 (Employment Requirement) of initial certification.
  2. If the initial certification did not include current NIMS training requirements for the emergency management function, then these courses will also be required for recertification.  These classes can count toward the twenty-four (24) hours of required professional training hours (see #3 below).
  3. Applicant must have completed at least twenty-four (24) hours of professional training during the twenty-four (24) months immediately preceding the anniversary date of initial certification or previous recertification. No more than twelve (12) hours of non-EMI/FEMA/DHS training will be accepted for recertification. Duplicate classes during this twenty-four (24) month period will be unacceptable. Any professional training submitted for credit must be relevant to the field of Emergency Management. If necessary, the committee will use their discretion in determining the relevance of a submitted course.
  4. Applicant shall continue to conduct or be a major participant in a functional, tabletop or full-scale exercise each year since initial certification/previous recertification. Official documentation must be provided. An exercise sign-in sheet or After Action report, is considered sufficient exercise documentation, so long as the participant’s attendance and role in the exercise can be clearly determined. Other exercise documentation may be accepted at the discretion of the committee.
  5. Any previously certified applicant who has failed to renew his/her certification within twelve (12) months of the renewal date shall be required to apply for and meet the requirements of initial certification. 
    If initial certification is required, applicant should see KCEM Certification.

Download the Complete KCEM Guidelines, Criteria, and Application Form

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Cowley County Emergency Management
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