Governmental Affairs

Governmental Affairs

The committee shall monitor/review past, current, and future legislative actions that have the potential to impact emergency management activities or organizations and report critical legislative activities to the association’s board of directors.

Current Reports and Projects 

(Left) KEMA Legislative Affairs delegates visited Washington DC in March 2010.  Attendees included: Pamela Beasley, SE Area VP; Pam Kemp, NC Area VP; Teri Smith, NE Area VP (now president elect); Lon Buller, President Elect (now president).

2010 IAEM Conference Trip Report

State Association Project
In 2008, the IAEM-USA Board gave the approval for undertaking an inquiry into the status of state associations of emergency management with a view to determining how the relationship with such associations might be of mutual benefit as well as to how cooperation might promote the interests of the EM profession nationally.  The initial effort included numerous discussions with many representatives of state groups, including two well-attended state association forums at the 08 and 09 Annual Conferences, and the compilation of a contact list of state association presidents and legislative chairs.   In the next step of the project on June 1, 2010, IAEM-USA asked state associations of emergency management to complete a survey designed to give IAEM-USA a general sense of the form and function of the associations. The survey was also viewed as a way to begin identifying ways IAEM-ISA might formalize relationships with state associations and/or support state association efforts.

The survey, hosted by Survey Monkey, remained open for completion until the 16th of July. When the survey closed, representatives from 29 out of the 43 state associations of emergency management had completed the survey for a completion rate of 67%.  This survey will also be briefed to the State Association Forum at the 2010 Annual Conference.  To learn more about this project, read the Issue Paper, Survey Results, and Survey Project information