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The Kansas Emergency Management Association (KEMA) represents its members who make up the professional Emergency Management community of Kansas.

What's New

2017 KEMA Conference - Resources

Thanks to everyone who attended our 2017 KEMA Conference.  Copies of speaker presentations, award information, and an exhibitor list will be available on our website soon.  

2017 Leadership Symposium - IAEM

Do you see what I see? Strategic Leadership in Emergency Management.

Date/Time: Sunday, 12 November, 0820 – 1620

Maximum participation: 40

Cost: $65—course materials, continental breakfast (0745), and lunch provided

The Symposium is part of the IAEM Conference in Long Beach, California.  The cost of the Symposium is separate from the registration cost for the Conference. The Symposium will take place in the Westin Hotel in Long Beach. For more information download the synopsis here or go to the following link.  www.iaemconference.info

Our Mission, Values & Goals

Mission: Kansas Emergency Management Association is a network of leaders dedicated to providing excellence in emergency management for Kansas.

Values:  Among the membership and within the emergency management community in Kansas, KEMA is committed to:

  • Professionalism:  KEMA promotes excellence.
  • Teamwork:  KEMA fosters communication and cooperation.
  • Responsiveness:  KEMA solicits input and active participation.
  • Leadership:  KEMA advocates for progressive growth.

Goals: To fulfill its mission, KEMA will strive:

  • To advance the professional growth of members through the development, provision, and promotion of training and professional standards. 
  • To provide recognition for excellence in emergency management. 
  • To provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and sharing lessons learned from emergency management activities.  
  • KEMA will strive to promote the profession of EM and a culture of preparedness  
  • To serve as partner to the Kansas Division of Emergency Management to improve the overall preparedness of Kansas Counties and advise on local emergency management issues. 
  • To influence public policy on emergency management through an advocacy process at the federal, state and local levels. 
  • To coordinate the efforts and plans of this association with other organizations having common interests. 
  • To promote the Principles of Emergency Management (POEM) as the benchmark of emergency management practice.

KEMA Profile

KEMA offers networking opportunities among local emergency managers as well as opportunities to interact with state and national emergency management professionals and other affiliated individuals, governmental agencies and interested private groups.

Partner organizations include many federal agencies as well as private industry groups such as the Partnership for Emergency Planning.

Download the KEMA brochure here.