What's New

The Kansas Emergency Management Association (KEMA) represents its members who make up the professional Emergency Management community of Kansas.

What's New

Important Membership Year Change Notice

As some of you may recall, the current KEMA membership year format (running from Sept 1st to Aug 31st) is a fairly new development, set by the Board in 2013 after changing from a traditional calendar year. This adjustment was made in response to feedback from members who, due to limitations set by their jurisdictions/agencies, were unable to make multiple payments to the association throughout the year (for memberships and conference fees). To ease this burden, the membership year was moved to coincide more closely with conference time, allowing members to make one single payment for everything. After testing the new arrangement for a couple of years, the Board has identified some issues with the September-to-August format. Most specifically, by “breaking” the membership year right before the conference, we have found that it causes some headache and confusion with regards to eligibility for voting and for “member” conference rates. With this in mind, the Board has voted to move the membership year one more time, this time shifting it so the transition falls right after the conference.

Effective immediately, the KEMA membership year will run from October 1st through September 30th of each year.

For those of you who already hold 2015‐2016 memberships, those memberships have been automatically extended for an additional month, with a new expiration date of 9/30/2016 (regardless of the information printed on your membership card). The 2015‐2016 KEMA membership will entitle you to the member rates at the 2016 conference and also make you eligible to vote in association elections between now and September 30th, 2016.

Read complete details on this change and what it means to you in the membership update letter here.

Our Mission, Values & Goals

Mission: Kansas Emergency Management Association is a network of leaders dedicated to providing excellence in emergency management for Kansas.

Values:  Among the membership and within the emergency management community in Kansas, KEMA is committed to:

  • Professionalism:  KEMA promotes excellence.
  • Teamwork:  KEMA fosters communication and cooperation.
  • Responsiveness:  KEMA solicits input and active participation.
  • Leadership:  KEMA advocates for progressive growth.

Goals: To fulfill its mission, KEMA will strive:

  • To advance the professional growth of members through the development, provision, and promotion of training and professional standards. 
  • To provide recognition for excellence in emergency management. 
  • To provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and sharing lessons learned from emergency management activities.  
  • KEMA will strive to promote the profession of EM and a culture of preparedness  
  • To serve as partner to the Kansas Division of Emergency Management to improve the overall preparedness of Kansas Counties and advise on local emergency management issues. 
  • To influence public policy on emergency management through an advocacy process at the federal, state and local levels. 
  • To coordinate the efforts and plans of this association with other organizations having common interests. 
  • To promote the Principles of Emergency Management (POEM) as the benchmark of emergency management practice.

KEMA Profile

KEMA offers networking opportunities among local emergency managers as well as opportunities to interact with state and national emergency management professionals and other affiliated individuals, governmental agencies and interested private groups.

Partner organizations include many federal agencies as well as private industry groups such as the Partnership for Emergency Planning.

Download the KEMA brochure here.